Becoming the artist that Creates Industry Attention

Becoming a music artist is a hard job, more difficult than most other career choices. Nothing is guaranteed and very little can be accurately taught, because the path is so different for each individual artist. What do you accept when you decide to step into the shoes of a professional musician, what are you willing to sacrifice? A lot of the hardship comes with so much being sacrificed yet so little is guaranteed back. How can we change that? How can we stop being pawns to our own desires? 

It becomes difficult trying to finding a lane to carve without merging into anyone else’s. As the saying goes “There is nothing new under the sun” As Nas had put it, “It’s not what you do, it’s how it’s done”. So what makes you any different than the hundreds or even thousands that are in your position looking for a way to the next level? 

What is important to look at is the music artist itself. The industry has changed so much and for a lot of our younger audience, today’s standards are the only business practices known. The digital world has given so much more control to artists through evolving innovation, but that also carries the weight of responsibility. 

This responsibility gave artists power, the ability to do things that were never in a musician’s control before. We can control our direct fan engagement, press conferences, distribution, monetization, videos, promotion, management, and everything. We now see artists having a lot more roles than ever before. What you do with it though is completely up to you. 

With all these tools that are now available, this has given new headway for skills to be developed and people to offer new services. The artists that understand they have the ability to provide a digital trade are able to offer these tools to others, they are staying ahead of the curve. The problem has become so many people are joining the ranks of professional music artists. The convenience of technology has given those who have very little music education easier than ever access to achieve professional visuals and sound. With so many jumping on board of becoming a musician, it has become increasingly difficult for anyone to really stand out with true individualism. More recently we are seeing anything that has a slight dash of authenticity become easily mimicked, the allure of making music gives people a will to try by “Any Means Necessary”. 

To be in this game finding purpose is key for any type of success, what makes you an island to be noticed is serving a purpose to other people. Fulfilling a necessity has been the oldest way that services have bartered throughout civilizations. Finding a trade or service that is offered outside of your music keeps you in the loop of industry relevance. The more people that your service could be offered to the more of a useful purpose you will serve to those you seek to be noticed by. 

Finding a service along with your music creates a separation to be noticed as someone unique, people become more receptive rather than seeing you like just “another artist”. An artist that comes to mind is French Montana, when he started the Coke Boy movement, this was his claim to fame for starting his buzz. He wanted to get noticed, build a buzz, and get his music out. He created a DVD series that was supported by interviews, behind the scenes, and recording coverage by mainstream artists. This angle pulled in a buzz to start pushing his own name because people started to know him for his work, not just his music. 

Here are a few keynotes to keep in mind when creating yourself to be a cornerstone in any industry. 

  • Finding a way to make an impression by thinking outside and all around the box. 
  • Having a hustle that you can leverage that becomes a necessity for others. 
  • Creating yourself to be a cornerstone of the industry that you are looking to have some leverage. 
  • Build your name by getting other people to share and pass your services on through word of mouth. 

You have the ability to control all you want, you just have to show people that you hold a value that gives them the best bang for their buck.

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